Mild Brain Hypothermia with TTM
This is the latest protocol that combines mild brain hypothermia (mild-BHT) and Targeted temperature (time) management (TTM) for acute encephalopathy in children, which we have been working with ICU team since 2019.
The 75th Japan Pediatric Neurology Society Kanto Regional Association
In the fall of 2021, the 75th Japan Pediatric Neurology Society Kanto Regional Meeting (Chairman: George Imataka, Dokkyo Medical University) will be held. For the time being, it is necessary to see the trends of the coronavirus, but we appreciate your kind understanding.
The mechanism of acute subdural hemorrhage due to Shaking
Home page from of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Keynote Lecture, Japan Child Neurology Society (2016), Tokyo
Potential of mild brain hypothermic therapy for acute encephalopathy in children
The mechanism of diffuse axonal injury due to Shaking
Home page from of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Strategic foresight
It is difficult to accurately predict the future environment and society in which children will live. However, given such difficulties, "Strategic foresight" is indispensable to improve the ability to flexibly adapt to changes in society.
Head movement on the infantile swing chair
External forces that repeat "Stop and Go" such as child seats and swing chairs cause the head to be shaken at an excessive angle starting from the neck in infant according to "The law of inertia". Causes have been related to Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS).
Head injury using dummy model baby
Clearing the difference between a fall-induced head injury and a shaking-related brain injury is very important under considering child care support. We are currently conducting a retrospective analysis with a systematic review.
mTOR signal pathway
Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and mTOR signal pathway
Annual trend in 53 pediatric cases of Bacterial meningitis
From 2000 to the present, we have created a database of childhood onset bacterial meningitis. In recent years in Japan, the number of cases of childhood meningitis caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae has decreased due to vaccination, but the incidence of newborns due to GBS has increased and becoming a major problem.
Intellectual curiosity
Like the development of science, children naturally develop because of the "Intellectual curiosity". Therefore, intellectual curiosity is indispensable for achieving sustainable development even after becoming an adult and elderly.
Creating Shared Medical Value (CSMV)
In 2021, pre-COVID-19 medical value was already at stake. So where should new normal medical care (N2MC) go? Let's discuss based on the strategic theory of shared value of Michael Porter and Mark Kramer.
TBCD mutations caused by neuro degenerative early-onset encephalitis
TBCD mutations caused by neuro degenerative early-onset encephalitis
Brain hypothermia therapy protocol 2014
Brain hypothermia therapy for status epilepticus in childhood. Imataka G, Wake K, Yamanouchi H, Ono K, Arisaka O. Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2014 Jul;18(13):1883-8.
Panse of medical and bioethics
"Man is a thinking reed " by Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)
Since 2000, the combined use of mild brain hypothermia and steroid pulse therapy for childhood-onset acute encephalopathy, which we have been actively studying was certified by Japan Patent Office for 5 years (Patent Application No. 2016-125734).